#OTD in 1976 The Motels opened a “Radio

#OTD in 1976 The Motels opened a “Radio Free Hollywood” new rock showcase booked by Detroit transplants The Dogs at Trouper’s Hall, a retired actors club in Hollywood. The building was formerly Edna Earle’s Fog Cutter Steak House, once known as “America’s most beautiful steak house,” owned by an early film star. The restaurant shut by the time it hosted a Ken Kesey Grateful Dead acid test in 1966, and the site is now a freshly built pseudo luxury apartment building known as “The Avenue”. The old building was demolished in 2006, its last public use was for HQ of the small “Open Fist” community theater group through 2005 when the developers go hold of it. http://ow.ly/i/y01bc http://ow.ly/i/y01Np http://ow.ly/i/y02qC http://ow.ly/i/y03sI